Give your customers more ways to pay with the electronic payment solutions from Rangeline Systems, Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a secure web-based automatic payment (auto-pay) service used by companies to manage their accounts receivable and reduce the cost of monthly payment plans offered to customers. 

The Benefits of SmartPay

By providing your customers with our electronic payment solutions, you reduce the cost of bad debt referrals and eliminate the cost of statements and postage. Many have witnessed a 75% reduction in payment plan defaults. Customer satisfaction rates (as measured by Net Promoter Score) also increase since customers are treated and valued as an individual.

Credit Card - Electronic Payment

How It Works

Customer service representatives access the SmartPay website on their desktop when customers contact their office to discuss extended payment options. Once an acceptable plan has been agreed upon, the representatives manually set-up monthly auto-pay plans by entering the customer credit or debit card information, contact information, and other relevant data. The first payment and a one-time service fee is assessed at the time the plan is set-up.  SmartPay can be implemented with minimal training and no IT resources are needed.

Keep Customers Up to Date

After plan set-up is completed, the customer is sent an email confirmation of their first payment, which includes plan details and other helpful information. Customers are also emailed monthly payment reminders prior to the next scheduled payment charge to their credit or debit card. All auto-draft payments are processed by your merchant services vendor and deposited directly into your bank account daily.

Complete Access

Customer service representatives have the ability to access plan details as needed to update credit and debit card information, the customer's contact information, and set up a new plan when payment amounts change. All payment plans are password protected and comply with PCI and Regulation E guidelines.

Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS)

A net promoter score is key when it comes to increasing profits. By taking advantage of our electronic payment solutions, you gain the ability to accommodate consumer financial realities, which enhances the customers experience and improves positive referrals. Financial policies are also aligned with your mission to serve the community’s needs.

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